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Courtesy of Australian Dog Lover - Woof-it Healthy Dog Treats

Courtesy of Australian Dog Lover

Our Verdict

Was this Smooth Minky Weighted Blanket (Lavender) comfortable for our dogs and did it help them settle?

Our blanket measured 142cm in length x 102cm in width (this represents 80 squares all up) and a Large size was certainly big enough for our Belgian Shepherds to be covered from head to toe but at 3kg (exactly 10% of our dogs' weight), it is also quite heavy!
It was obvious both dogs felt the weight and were a bit put out the first couple of times we placed it on them... However the soft reverse side quickly won their vote and from then on, they were extremely happy to snuggle under it.

We live with two firecrackers who tend to react to all noises including a neighbour who keeps weird and wonderful hours and who's very adept at scraping their car on the driveaway in the middle of the night… Aramis usually starts growling then barks – pretty much telling them to go to bed now – but in the past two weeks, she’s been a lot more relaxed and snoring her head off every night within 10 minutes of being tucked in… 
At least, someone here is having a relaxing sleep!

In the mornings, our home office is an ice box but our Velcro Malinois insist on following us everywhere we go, so out come the blankets to give them an incentive to stay put... Whoever ends up in the coldest spot gets to enjoy this Calming Pets weighted blanket until the sun’s out to warm up their spot.

A weighted blanket may be a good option also if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or stress during storms or other anxious behaviours but it would really depend on the severity of their case and it does not replace a professional consultation with a vet behaviourist for a diagnosis.

The Calming Pets weighted blankets for dogs are available in 5 sizes: from Extra-small (up to 7kg) up to Extra-Large (from 35kg). They also come in 13 beautiful colours so selecting your favourite to match your home décor may be the hardest decision...
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The model featured (Large / Lavender / 3kg) is valued at $259.68. For an extra $15, you could have the name of your pet embroidered on the blanket as w

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