A review from Yelp * "I would probably get married here" - these are the exact words that came out of my friend's mouth when we first walked in to this particular IGA. And you can all stop rolling your eyes at me because, unless you've been, you have no idea how stunning this IGA is. Imagine an over-priced, Fitzroy-based, organic food store where the fruit is all perfectly shaped & shiny and you worry that you're not wearing enough Lululemon to be allowed entry. THIS IS THAT PLACE. Except it's an IGA. In Blairgowrie. Fresh fruit and veggie, international hot sauces, and ready-made salads to go - all can be found at the Blairgowrie IGA. Plus an impressive booze section to boot. If you are lucky enough to live in this area or are just visiting for the long weekend, expect slightly over-priced but absolutely outstanding produce. Also, invite me to your wedding when it's held here, please. SAY NO MORE :-)
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