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The benefits of CBD for Senior Dogs courtesy of "Australian Dog Lovers" - Woof-it Healthy Dog Treats

The benefits of CBD for Senior Dogs courtesy of "Australian Dog Lovers"

The benefits of CBD for Senior Dogs courtesy of "Australian Dog Lovers"

Kali, Boycie, Lucy… they are all oldies’ names, dogs that are or were lucky enough to have access to CBD to enjoy the quality of life they deserved as they were aging.

As dogs get older, they will start experiencing certain changes and show signs in a similar way as we humans do. Aging is a slow and gradual process that makes them more susceptible to develop health issues like arthrosis, cancer, dementia
 “And CBD can help to keep them healthier during their senior years”, says Dr. Marta Calvo Blanco, Head of Veterinary Operations and Education at eCS Vet (Endocannabinoid System Veterinary Centre).

CBD is a phytocannabinoid, a molecule that is naturally produced in the Cannabis plant. It is capable to interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which regulates and controls many functions such as pain, temperature, inflammation, sleep, memory, cognition, cell proliferation and neuroprotection (among others). Many of those functions are critical in senior dogs.


“'Inflammaging' is a term I love! adds Dr. Calvo Blanco. It relates aging with a certain level of inflammation”. Once initiated, its impact and its adverse effects determine the direction and magnitudes of further Inflammaging.(1)
When we think about our furry oldies it is so easy to see and understand that inflammation and aging are intrinsically related to each other. We all have observed an overall 'slowing down', reduced mobility and agility, longer naps and less excitement for walks.
Phytocannabinoids, and specifically CBD, may possess the potential to be used as anti-aging therapeutic agent being an effective adjunctive therapy to slow and permit a healthier aging. It has been proved that they:

1. Regulate the Inflammation response

2. Have Anti-oxidative properties

3. Improve the Dietary health