About Us

I’m so proud to have created my own healthy fresh vegetable snack for not just our beautiful dogs BUT for the whole dog community within Australia.

I believe everyone has a passion for a HEALTHY lifestyle.

Why not our dogs?

Every day we receive unconditional LOVE and LOYALTY from our dogs. Let’s give back by feeding them a diet to ensure longevity.

Organic Canine Flaxseed Oil, Peanut Butter, Vegetables, Flaxseed, Rice Flour, and Oats are inside every bite of a Woof-It Healthy Dog Treat.

Whilst baking at home in my kitchen taste testing was a must.

Munching down on my product on a daily basis ensured our Woofies not only tasted great but were healthy too for our beautiful doggies PLUS it also meant I didn’t go without lunch!

Go to the product page to read about the health benefits inside of each bite of a Woof-It Healthy Dog Treat.

We use the word treat, because well that's what we love to do as dog owners, TREAT our dogs.

Added to a balanced diet, Woof-it Healthy Dog treats are a staple in every dog lovers home.

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